MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster
MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster
MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster
MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster
MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster

MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw OWB Holster

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MTR is now offering A-1C Crossdraw belt holster that carries a compact handgun in both crossdraw carry and the increasingly-popular appendix position.


  • Premium Grade A bullhide leather

  • Tunnel belt loop and side slot for stability (2-Belt Loops)

  • Crossdraw or butt-rearward appendix carry

  • Full slide/barrel coverage

  • Double layer reinforced mouth piece provides easy eyes off reholstering

  • Custom Hand-Molded to each firearm of choice

  • Full Combat grip accessibility allows an instant shooting grip

  • Molded sight rail to prevent snags on draw

  • Fits belt up to 1-1/2″ gun belt

MTR Custom Leather Cross Draw holster has many unique features that include; A custom cut sweat shield for comfort while sitting or riding in a car, a reinforced mouth for better retention, full length coverage to protect you from your gun and your gun from being scratched or damaged while using this holster, a belt channel on the back molded for a tight fit for the belt and a 1¾” slot to insure no movement and to pull the holster close to the body, and last but not least, our Professional Hand Boning (for no extra charge) to insure a glove tight fit and very detailed and professional look. The holster has an estimated 15 degree cant forward. Any more of a cant may cause the weapon to come out of the holster over time.

This holster is perfect for the business man that is on the road a lot or even the average Joe that wants to feel more secure while riding in a vehicle.  The picture shown above has shark trim which is an added feature on this holster. Keep in mind that colors on the holster varies depending on the grain of the leather. Sweat shields come on this holster with you have a semi automatic, revolvers will not come with such high sweat shield. So, if you are in the market for an excellent Cross Draw holster, try our newest cross draw carry holster and you will see why we believe in our products. The belt slots can fit up to 1-1/2 gun belt(2 layer) (1/4″ thick) or 1-3/4 regular belt (1 layer).

Keep in mind, that smaller weapons may look different than the picture. Since the holster has 2 belt loops on the back, this does not leave a lot of room to cant the holster for a crossdraw on small weapons, just not enough room. The holster may only have one belt loop instead of 2 or the loop may be positioned on the top (slide) of the weapon instead of the trigger guard.


If you do not see your exact weapon listed, then please send us an email or call 336-879-2166