Quick-Snap Holster

Quick-Snap Holster

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Convenient and efficient way to carry multi- barrel lengths. For example, 1911 pancake holster will accommodate all 1911s 3″,4″,5″ & 6″. Glock pancake holster will accommodate models 19,23,32,26,27,17,22, 34, 25, 38, 33, 39, 18 & 31. Each holster is molded to the actual frame to cover the trigger of the weapon, leaving the barrel/muzzle open.

The Quick-Snap holster is a strong side belt holster that uses a butt-forward cant to enhance concealability. The open top makes the draw quick and easy, while the lateral tension when worn does an amazing job of retaining the pistol securely.


  • Accommodates multiple barrel lengths on same frame size

  • Quick on-off snap loops fit belts up to 1 1/2″

  • Military directional snaps for better security of the weapon

  • Full Combat grip accessibility allows an instant shooting grip

  • Molded sight rail to prevent snags on draw

  • Slight forward cant to allow the fastest, wrist-lock draw stroke

  • Covers the  trigger of the weapon

  • Exposed barrel/muzzle great for target shooting to allow easy access for debris to exit the weapon after shooting

  • Multiple use holster for several weapons 

  • Made in USA

  • Small and Compact design  to allow for best concealment