• New R-Defender OWB Holsters for Ruger Max 9

    New R-Defender OWB Holsters for Ruger Max 9 Cytac R-Defender Holster Gen4 has been upgraded on the basis of Gen3: tension adjustment mechanism and ...
  • About Cytac Holsters

    Having experienced the ups and downs of the market for six years, Cytac has experienced consistent overall growth and has recently experienced a surge of sales in the European and South American markets. Striking the balance between quality and affordability, Cytac has set the standard for Chinese suppliers. From law enforcement and military to government officials and civilians, our products continue to provide faithful service throughout the world. In Brazil, Cytac has even had the privilege of being a supplier to the Presidential Guard Battalion.
  • How to change your Cytac holster attachments?

    How to change your carry option on your Cytac Holster?